Thursday, December 17, 2009

Being ever curious about the world in general, I often spend time sniffing about teh intermanet looking for weird and wonderful stuff to learn about.
As I'm usually only about three feet away from my 'puter during the daytime, if a question pops into my head I will shuffle over to the machine and go to Google to find out if I can get an answer.
As any sort of questions will enter my brain at any given time of day, this is extremely fortuitous as this often saves me from racking my brain until the early hours trying to remember such things as 'What was the name of the dog that was Benji's daughter?' and who the fuck heck is that Mark Jones and why is he in so many posters advertizing Cinderella around Hanwell?'*
One day (if I get the money) I would like to purchase a lap or palmtop so that I can find out answers to questions asked in the pub there and then instead of wombling home, looking it up and heading back to the pub again, but anyway.
Today I found myself curious as to penicillin. I know about who discovered it and how and so, but was wondering if it was possible to make it at home as allI knew about that was that I'd heard an old treatment for wounds and diseases was to dress them in a compress made of bread that had been previously chewed by a young girl and left to hang over running water for three days.
So I typed in 'How to make penicillin at home' and found This Mine of Information
I've hit the mother lode and as long as I don't clean out my fridge will soon be making millions and saving lives at the same time, as if you read the article, so can you!
Don't say you never learn anything by reading my blog, akay?

*I kept asking people I knew but nobody had a scooby, so I Googled the name and found out that he's a children's entertainer. Either that, or he's a footballer who's been dead since 1958. The latter could make Panto very interesting IMO.