Friday, November 20, 2009

Welcome to the party, pals!

My Birthday's not until Sunday but I've decided to start partying early, and because my Birthday party (The one at the pub, not the online one!) last year was pretty crap unexciting, I'm celebrating my 40th again, this time with cake, woohoo!

And so today (and over the coming weekend if you can keep your stamina up!) is a time to let your fur down, share jokes, play party games, and generally eat, drink and be silly!
Also, this be a Fancy Dress Party and I will be awarding a Gold Star to the person who thinks up the most imaginative costume! The theme, btw, is 'Strange...'

This is just the beginning of the celebrations; over the next 24 and more hours, I will be bringing out food, drinks, games to play, and also a Competition for which there will be a genuine, tangible prize going for the person that gets the most correct answers, so please keep stopping by!

Also, also, please feel free to bring whatever you want to the party! Any nibbles, drinkies and so, please pop over on the the table in the corner, and if you fancy playing some music or starting a game, feel free to do so!

So, party on down groovers!And have some cake while you're doing so!
Wants it... Wants it all...

Update It's time for that competition I promised, for which there will be a proper prize available for Teh Person Who Gets The Most Correct Answers!* So if you're ready and sitting comfortably, why not take,
'Misty's Birthday Quiz!'

And if you don't fancy that or still want something more to do, here's a Birthday Themed 'I Say, You Say'.

So I say,

Party ::
Cheese ::
Card ::
Jelly ::
Dance ::
Hunt ::
Surprize ::
Pass ::
Birthday ::

*In event of a tie-break, I will pull names out of a hat.

And if anybody's hungry, I've just put some pizza slices and sandwiches over on the table, and if you look on the sideboard next to it you'll find a keg of beer and a couple of boxes of wine.