Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So, 'tis Wednesday again, and not only is it Double Entendre Day over here which means it's time for the usual Caption Competition, this Wodenstag is the day that I announce the winner of 'Misty's Birthday Quiz!', woohoo!

I know the questions were rather tougher than normal, and some persons scored particularly worse than I reckoned they would (mentioning no names!) but we do have a winner, and that winner is...

*Drumroll please!*


So if m&m would be so kind as to send me an address* to which I can send the prize, I will do so asap!
And would everybody else be so kind as to give m&m a round of applause! Yay!

And also being Wednesday, as I said earlier it's time for this week's Caption Competition, and this week I've decided to recycle a classic piccy that I used a few years ago, being this one -

I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say that the photo gives plenty of opportunity for teh funnies, so I expect my box to be stuffed to capacity, akay?.

There's a selection of party snacks going for every entry, and a slice of Birthday Cake available should anybody get me to a delicious, belated Birthday 69!


Without any further ado...




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