Monday, November 23, 2009

Ooh my... I know I'm veh, veh late posting today, but I didn't get much spleep last night as my 3D party was Teh Excellence!

It was at my local pub (which is now local people friendly and getting to ne how it used to be, only without the druggies and excessive violence) and the Ex-partner-in-crime had organized a most wonderful buffet, a load of my good friends turned up, more prezzies were opened and the drink flowed freely!
And the Pièce de résistance was an absolutely scrumbly choccy birthday cake, which was organized by a lovely friend of mine that sadly couldn't make the party, but was delivered by another lovely friend that could, so YAY!
There were candles and everything, rah!

And my Virtual Party was also most fabulous! Thanks again to all that turned up, and I do hope you had a fun time as well! I shall be totting up the Quiz Scores tomorrow and announcing the winner of the real, proper, tangible prize that I will be sending to a lucky someone on Wednesday, so do drop by if you want to know who won!

No Choose-O today, as a) it's late, and b) my brain isn't up to speed, but I will be posting some Party Photos over on my Flickr in the very near future if anybody wants to see what occurred.

Thanks again to everybody who helped make my 'Fortieth' birthday a most fantabulous day!


I luvs ya all!