Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday. n. mún-dey or mún-dee n. Abbr. Mon. or M. The second day of the week.
[Middle English, from Old English Mnandæg (translation of Latin lnae dis, day of the moon) : mnan, genitive of mna, moon; see moon + dæg, day; see day.]

Also, Monday is generally known as the worst day of the week, mostly because of its association with the return to the working week, which after Sunday (being a day of rest in many cultures) is a stressful time for those persons who need more R&R than the weekend can usually offer.
In modern culture, the song 'I don't like Mondays' by the popular beat combo, 'The Boomtown Rats', epitomizes many persons attitude toward the day.

If I'd have had anything to do with the lyrics to 'I don't like Mondays', I would have tried to get a 'really' into the title, but then it wouldn't have rhymed.

I know many other people who dread Mondays and I don't blame them one iota, but instead of spending the day wallowing in a state of hungover piteousness and general loathing of all things work related, I've decided instead to make it a habit to list all the good things that have happened to me since the last one.
And so, here is my list of 'Very Happy Things That Have Happened To Me Since Last Monday'.

1. I got to meet a friend of mine that although I have 'known' through the intermanet for about three years, had not until Friday met face-to-face, and Cora was as lovely in person as I'd imagined. We had a fabulous time scampering around London, scoffed a delicious lunch at an excellent restaurant, polished off the meal with a couple of outrageously large Amarettos, and generally had a brilliant day!

2. Went to Karaoke at my local (which I have totally forgotten to mention has been taken over by new management who know how to run a pub properly, and are welcoming to the locals!) and had a bash at singing a couple of songs including 'Big Spender', and over the rest of the week had other regulars telling me that I was the best singer there that night, and that I was really, really good! I think they might need their hearing tested, but it was nice of them to say so!

3. Today I got invited out for a meal later on in the week by a friend, so I have something to look forward to!

4. A good friend of mine helped me out big time by sending me some cash so that I've been able to switch my central heating on for a few days!

5. Today the ex-partner-in-crime bought a huge piece of beast to roast, and tonight I had a scrummy Sunday Dinner with all the trimmings, washed down with a couple of glasses of Chianti* and then flopped in front of an open fire while watching some of my fave programmes.

6. Next weekend I'm off to another DAS do, so I'm also looking forward to beating up my friends before getting stuck into another tasty, mead splashed banquet!

My life ain't perfect, but sometimes it's pretty darn good.

Oh, and as it's Monday, your options for this week's Choose-O are -
  • Surprize!
  • Speech
And I shouldn't have to remind you to tell me all about how your weekends were while you're down there, or, why not list any good things that have happened to you in the last week?
Happy Thingummies everybody! And I hope you have a fabulous day!

*No fava beans though.