Wednesday, November 04, 2009

'ello again ma li'l chickadees!

I hope today finds you all as excited as I am and simply champing at the bit to get down and dirty in my box and give it a thorough stuffing!

I've had trouble controlling my urges for days and nearly got into trouble when I spotted a police officer wielding his truncheon in a most exciting manner, but luckily for me I managed to blag my way out of the situation by introducing a small rubber duck and a sherry trifle to the situation.

But anyways, you're not here to hear about that are you?
On no, I know what you're after and as I always try to satisfy, I've sorted you something special for this week's Caption Competition.

And so, your photo is -

Get stuck in there my honeys, and give it all you've got!
Your reward for your endeavours? A wad of chewing tobacco for every entry, and an extra large tin of spinach is available should anyone be fabulous enough to get me to a 69!


Over to you then.

Give it all you've got and then some!