Monday, October 05, 2009

Well, as you might have guessed, my intermanet connection went tit pear shaped for a few days leaving me once again without contact to the outside world.
I contacted my ISP only to find that all was well at their end, and after checking my 'puter for anything that might ail it, I've come to the conclusion that the only possible thing that might be the cause of my extremely intermitent access is the branches outside my house battering the telephone line.
If any 'puter ubergeeks can let me know if that could be a possible problem I'd love to hear from them, and if anyone reckons it could be anything else, please also pass on words of wisdom via my comments box as I'm getting rather vexed to say the least!

But anyhoo, onto more fun and exciting things; today is Monday which means it's time for this week's Choose-O, your choices for which are -
  • Spicy
  • Lodger
  • Home Economics
And as it's also the start of the week, how's about we tell each other our favourite jokes? I'll get the ball rolling with -

A couple move into their first house and the wife decides that they need a guard dog, so she sends her husband off to a local breeder to get something suitable for the job.
The husband arrives only to be told that the breeder is all out of trained guard dogs, but instead has a Karate Duck for sale.
"Karate Duck?" exclaims the husband. "You're having a giraffe, surely!"
"Not at all mate!" replies the breeder. "This 'ere duck is an 'undred times more effective than any of the guard dogs I've ever sold. Look, I'll give you a demonstration"
And so he takes the duck out of its cage and says -
"Duck, Karate that bin!"
The duck sets upon the dustbin with a fury of wings flapping, webbed feet 'hi-ya-ing' and a frenzy of quacking and a few seconds later, all that is left of the dustbin is a pile of shredded plastic and metal...
The husband is incredibly impressed and asks the breeder how much for the duck, and after one hundred pounds have changed hands the hubby takes the karate duck back to show his wife.
The husband walks into the house and explains to his missus that the breeder was all out of trained guard dogs, but has something far, far better before proudly showing her the duck.
The wife's reaction is one of disbelief and anger, and she asks her husband what the fuc hell he thought he was doing buying a duck!
"Sweetheart, listen!" says the husband. "This isn't an ordinary duck. It's been specially trained in the martial art of Karate!"
"Oh really?" replies the wife, "Karate, my arse!"

Your turn.

And don't forget to let me know how your weekends were. They must have been more exciting than mine.