Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sorry folks, but the story about the 'Lodger' will have to wait until Thursday, I have some rather interesting news to impart!
Some of you readers may remember a certain 'Doctor Craig' who left comments over here and also at Scaryduck's blog, Circa 2006.
He claimed to be a Doctor working at Addenbrook's Hospital as well as another in London.
Once he left a comment telling me how he'd just watched a man hold his son's hand and sing to him while the son's life support was switched off and the son slowly died in the man's arms, and that being a doctor was so very rewarding as he could help people.
Now I know a lot of doctors, and none of them sounded anything like 'Doctor' Craig, and after a couple of days I got suspicious. I wasn't the only one either.
The Wrath of Dawn also did a bit of digging and discovered that 'Dr Craig' had an ex wife that was after him for money, and that a few other women had bad things to say about him as well.
I phoned the hospitals he claimed to work for and of course they'd never heard of him, and for a bit of fun I carried on pretending I didn't have a clue that he wasn't the genuine article.
He began emailing me, telling me all about the stately home he was to inherit as soon as his elderly parents popped their clogs, and many, many other fantasies that were going through his brain.
I also checked where his emails were coming from and followed his comments via my comments tracker. None of what he told me added up, and it was an easy enough thing to check.
Now, yesterday, Scaryduck sends me an email with a link asking "'ere, that 'Doctor Craig. This is the same person isn't it?"
One look at the photograph proved it was and I read the article with disbelief and amusement.
You can read that article by clicking here.
I do feel a bit sorry for Miss Miles, but seriously, how naive do you have to be to fall for that crap?
Surely someone at the TA should have checked his claims and credentials, but it appears that anyone can join up without even having to prove who you are, which beggars belief!
I contacted a well known comic Women's magazine at the time asking if they'd like to expose this fantasist, but they declined telling me that they didn't think there was a story there.
How wrong they were. If they'd printed it, maybe Miss Miles would have been warned off the slimy little git.
Ah well. Such is life.

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