Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh my sweetpeas, I do so apologize about the lack of post yesterday, but 'Life' once again got in the way of things I wanted to do, and this time in very big way indeed. Thursday was effectively cancelled, but I promise I will tell you all about the Lodger, asap.
As to today, Friday, depending on what time you're reading this post, I could be either,

a) Trying to spleep
b) Aspleep
c) Awake and dashing about getting ready to catch a train
d) Swearing because I missed said train
e) On a train heading towards Fleet Street for an incredibly important meeting
f) In an incredibly important meeting
g) On my way home from an incredibly important meeting
h) Aspleep, after an incredibly stressful day.

But I don't want to dwell on that matter, as the weekends (or any time off) IMO, should be reserved for as much fun as possible, and so changing the subject entirely I shall now regale you with an anecdote afore leaving you with sumfink fun to get your mental teeth into.

So. Anecdote.

I was in the pub with the EPIC and one of my bestest friends, when for some reason the conversation turned to strange lumps and bumps that turn up on a person's body. We once again discussed my bizarre and recent neck lump, then talked about a weird swelling that the EPIC had turn up years ago, and then I remembered a small bump that made itself at home on my wrist many years ago.
But while trying to tell the tale, I completely forgot the specific name for the lump on the wrist I was describing, and so asked my friend and the EPIC,
"What do you call those things that you hit with a Bible to make go away?"
To which my friend replied,
"Jehovah's Witnesses?"
The correct term for what I was describing was Ganglion, but I far prefer his reply.

And moving swiftly on, I will now give you an answer to a question, and your job is to try and guess what the question is.
Simples, eh?
And so, your Answer is -

About 33 inches.

Play fair, and do not Google, as it won't help you anyway, I've already checked.

Over to you, have fun, and make the most of your weekends, whatever you decide to get up to!