Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yes my sugarlumps, once again 'tis Wednesday, or as it's known in this 'ere corner of teh intermanet, Double Entendre Day!

For new readers (and old readers that have had their memories erased by strange men in black) this means that today is the day when you can slip a huge one to your boss/spouse/member of parliament/chinchilla without fear of reprimand or repercussion. In fact, the more you can get in without upsetting members of Her Majesty's Police force or scaring the horses the better, so without any further preamble, here's your photo for today's Caption Competition!

There's a Mojo going for every entry, and a Mega Rainbow Lollipop available to the commenteer who's lucky enough to get me to a 69!


Nothing left for me to say except,

Get'cha ya-ya's out, and get stuck into my box, akay?