Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Oh, my little sugar lumps, once again 'tis Double Entendre Day here in this wee corner of the intermanet, and of course, as regular readers know that means it's time for another Caption Competition, huzzah!

For irregular readers, the aim of the game is that shortly I will show you a photo. Mostly these photos are ones that I've found by trawling search engines using words such as Bizarre, Tasteless, Strange or Hideous, and then post my finds so that readers can get their brains in gear in order to come up with as many 'captions' as possible with the main objective of getting up to 69 captions filling my box.
As Wednesdays here are also known as 'Double Entendre Day', it is common practise to make said comments as 'risqué' as possible, maybe even delivering a hat-trick of entendres if at all possible.

I'm sure we're all on the same page now, so all that is left for me to do is to post this week's piccy, which I did not have to snaffle from the intermanet, as I took it with my own fair paws at last Sunday's Great British Duck Race, and is this -
Nine ducks and a little duckling.
So, yes.

That's it really.

Now it's over to you, so please to get stuck in and stuff my box to capacity with as much smut as you possibly can.
Your reward?
A Fluffy Duck for every entry, and a Rubber Duck available should I get me a 69, and this week I really mean it about the latter!
Seriously, there's a rubber duck that ran the Great British Duck Race available for the person that leaves the 69th witty comment this week!
All that lucky person needs to do is get me that 69, then send me an address where I can send the ducky to.

So what are you waiting for...?