Thursday, September 10, 2009

Most of the time I have a camera with me.

Sadly, the other day I didn't as after the Great British Duck Race the battery was on charge as I'd completely depleted it taking metric shed loads of clickage, and I missed a fabulous photo opportunity.

I'd popped along to one of my local pubs as the Ex-partner-in-crime had asked me if I wanted a drink, and feeling socialble at the time I agreed.

I'd nipped out to a shop to get one of those comics that pretend to be magazines, and on my way back I saw a bloke walking towards me.
He was laden with Lidls bags, must have been in his mid-twenties, had very unkempt hair with skin to match, was wearing jeans that a tramp would be ashamed to wear, his expression was one of belligerence and hatred towards the world in general and his whole demeanour was that of 'sod off and leave me alone or I'll belt you one'.
Nothing wrong with that whatsoever, and you're probably wondering why I desperately wanted my camera with me.
The reason was his t-shirt.
It was also filthy, and stained with what looked like samples from a bad curry house, but the pièce de résistance was the slogan on the front which read -

"Fuck off. I have enough friends already"

Pure class, in my opinion.