Thursday, September 17, 2009

Journal Entry, Monday, 14th September, 09.

09:57hrs. Woke up. Well, as awoke as can be before coffee. Tried to go back to spleep but the house was quiet. Too quiet.

10:02hrs. Stumble bleary eyed to bathroom whereupon switching on light finds that light does not work.

10:03hrs. Realize why. Electricity has run out. Again. And this time it's not just a case of nipping down stairs and popping the key in the meter as the emergency credit has also been used.

10:04hrs. Decide to try popping key in meter just in case, but to no avail. All emergency credit has been used up. Cannot use phone as it needs to be plugged in to 'leccy to work, and have no credit on mobile to call anybody that might be able to help.

10:06hrs. Raid purse, pockets, bottom of handbag, back of sofa for any money. Find grand total of £1.27p, which isn't enough to even get a coffee from up the road.

10:07hrs. Oooh, coffee! Need coffee. Scampers into front room and luckily scrapes together enough firewood and coal for a decent fire, and also finds last two firelighters, yay!

10:49hrs. Finally get to drink coffee, hurrah!

10:57hrs. Fill two large thermos flasks with boiling water. Fire won't last forever unless decide to find axe and woodpile.

11:15hrs. Attacks woodpile and gathers enough assorted firewood to last for possibly rest of day.

12:02: Hungry. Inspects contents of fridge, only to find some rather dodgy looking leftover pasta, two raw sausages, and something that could have once been a tomato but is now furry, lurking at back of fridge. Remembers that have no idea how long electricity was off for during night, gives sausages a decent send off in the garden with the hope that the foxes will enjoy them.

12:17: Still hungry. Further exploration of pantry reveals small tin of baked beans with pork sausages, yay! Digs out small frying pan and scampers back to front room to heat and eat beans.

12:32: Makes another coffee. Stokes fire.

12:48: Bored. Bored. And then some more bored. Decide to grab camera and go walkies but camera battery depleted and thanks to having no electricity, can not charge it up again. Gah!

13:07hrs. Settle down with inane comic to read feature about how a woman gave birth to a 12lb baby. Reminds self never to read said comic again. Ever.

13:44hrs. Ooh! Time to watch Doctors!

13:45hrs. Curse and stamp paws in front of silent, inert television.

13:46hrs. Realizes that fire is nearly out, restores fire once again.

13:57: Finds the Harry Potter book that never got round to finish reading. Also finds chocolate bar at the same time. Happy, happy! Stokes fire once again and settles down on sofa.

14:33hrs. Restless. Decide to go walkies without camera. Maybe find someone can borrow tenner from until next week.

14:42 - 17:53hrs. Wanders around West Ealing window shopping. No friends to be seen anywhere. Spends 99p on cream cake.

18:16hrs. Back home again. Electricity has failed to magically come back and fire has gone out.
Also discover that freezer is no longer freezing things and has begun to make puddles of water all over the kitchen floor. Woofeckinghoo.

18:22hrs Hang wet towels used to mop up puddles in kitchen on washing line and gets axe and logs to make some kindling so that can get fire started again.

18:59hrs: Just call me 'Firestarter'! Rah!

19:30hrs Getting dark so goes to dig out candles. Also, getting v.hungry!

19:41hrs. Find packet of instant noodles, prawn variety, so add some of my still water from thermos and wait for three minutes, stirring occasionally. The noodles that is, not me.

19:44 - 19:57hrs. Dinner by candlelight.

20:12hrs. Bored again. Pick up where left off with Harry Potter book.

22:05hrs. Oooh, incoming call on mobile, yay! 'Tis the ex-partner-in-crime! And he wants to know if I'd like to meet up for a drink even though it's late! Does happy dance before placing fireguard in front of last of the fire and grabbing the electricity key, scampers off up the road to meet him.

22:07hrs Back to house again. Swaps slippers for shoes. Back out again.

23:48hrs. Mmmm, light! Mmm, television! Mmmm, drinkies good, but needs spleep agains... *hic*

00:32hrs *zzzzzzzzzzzzz*