Friday, September 11, 2009

It's happened again. My brain has turned to peanut butter and I can't think if anything amazingly witty and erudite with which to entertain you.

Instead, I would like your help once again.

Recently I've been planning the worst possible dinner party. Reason why is that I can't stop watching the hilarious 'Come Dine With Me', and I'm trying to think up the most disgusting three course meal imaginable, just do that I could watch the other contestants trying to be polite while they eat it.
So far I've got -

Jam and stilton soup.
Mushrooms, grilled with marshmallows and garlic.
Oysters in chocolate sauce,
Strawberries in black bean sauce.
Curried vegetables with custard.
Roast Pork with toffee and sherbet stuffing.

Chocolate eclairs filled with cream cheese.
Blackberry and onion crumble.
Prawn and strawberry roulade.
Salmon ice cream.
Salt sorbet.

Over to you then!

Oh, and if anyone's interested, I sent in a photo to my local paper in the hope that they might choose it for their 'Picture of the Week', and lo and behold, they did, look-
Fame at last!

And one last thing, this -
I'm getting myself a mole asap!
I'm planning on getting a breeding pair, asap!

Have a fabulous weekend everybody,