Monday, September 07, 2009

Hooray and hurrah! I'm back online again, yay!

I still don't know why my intermanet broke, but broke it did, and just when I had a lot of things I had to get sorted too. Pseuds law, eh?
But anyway, it's working again now and I can only assume that it was because there was a day in the month or the wind was blowing from somewhere, and the Good News is that I can now post about what I did yesterday, which was to travel to Molely Lock at Hampton Court to report on this year's Great British Duck Race for The Londonist.
So, here's wot I wroted, which is very similar to what's just been published over here! <- clicky.

Yesterday found me at Molsey Lock at Hampton Court armed with cameras set to shiny in order to capture the third Great British Duck Race in photographic goodness.
Created by Mike Scott in 2006, the Great British Duck Race has been raising monies for charities by asking people to sponsor small rubber ducks that are let loose on the river Thames and race full pelt (or as fast as the tide will carry them) towards the finish line where the champion ducks are gathered and their numbers recorded so that some lucky sponsors win fabulous prizes!
The crowds were out in force to cheer on the brave little ducks and luckily the weather was good for humans instead of ducks this year and I didn’t get soaked to the skin like last time.
This year, the race was started by DJ Norman Jay MBE, fresh from Notting Hill Carnival, who also kept the fans happy by playing his rare groove sounds whilst awaiting the release of the ducks.
The lead charity this year was the NSPCC, but over the years the Great British Duck Race has also raised money for Cancer Research UK, Cats Protection, MacMillan Cancer Support, Diabetes UK, BEN, Shelter, FSID, BBC Children in Need, and Dogs Trust to name but a few, and as the GBDR has gained all necessary approvals from the Environment Agencies and local authorities it is now a registered organization in it’s own right, it looks set to carry on the good work for many years to come.
Another target of The Great British Duck Race, is to have races in Edinburgh, Belfast and Cardiff, and by 2012 when the Olympics are held in London, to race a record 1,000,000 ducks, beating this year’s 175,000!
I wish them luck, and hopefully I’ll be there to cheer the ducks on again and again, and maybe see you there too!

So, that was the highlight of my weekend, and I enjoyed every minute, especially the minutes when I got given champagne, woohoo!
As I said, I took loads of clickage which you can see by clicking on this 'ere link, or the photo below.
Aristotle meets Norman Jay.
No Choose-O this week as I have a very, very busy day tomorrow, but fret ye not, I do have something planned for you delectation and delight.
But there's no getting out of telling me all about your weekends, so hie thee to my comments box straight away and get cracking.