Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hello again my cherubim, and awfully sorry about yesterday's lack of anything but I spent most of the Bonk Holiday in bed.

Before anyone thinks it was fun in any way, it was not as I was sneezy, dopey, spleepy, coughy, and shivery, but enough of naming dwarfs, it's now Double Entendre Day which means it's time for you to start making me feel better by giving my box a fabulous stuffing which hopefully get me another delicious 69!

I found this week's photo for the Caption Competition while perusing the charming Mr Free Market's blog and as I asked him nicely, he said I could use it here today.

So, here you go -

A fork with which to gouge out one's mind's eye for every comment, and a bottle of Brain Bleach available should anyone get me a 69.

As usual, it's now over to you, so without further ado,