Thursday, August 20, 2009

Outside my window it's grey and damp, which is not the sort of weather I ordered so I'm resorting to playing 'Anywhere But Here' so I can at least get some imaginary sunshine.

I'm lying on a little beach in Portugal just outside the town of Albufeira where earlier in the day I spent a while wandering around the old part with it's narrow streets and whitewashed houses overlooking the sea and the rest of town. There I found a cafe as yet mostly undiscovered by tourists where I had a simple lunch of garlic soup, bread and fresh grilled 'sardinhas'
The beach is all golden sand reaching down from a rocky outcrop that provides shade if required. The outcrop carries on into the sea and creates a tiny 'harbour' which is perfect to swim in or just bob about on a lilo without fear of being swept out to sea.
Nearby are a plethora of rock pools to explore which contain colonies of sealife to photograph, and the sands are encrusted with fabulous shells coloured with all spectrums of the rainbow just waiting to be gathered.
It's late in the afternoon and soon the local fisherman will be returning to their village, their boats brimming with fresh fish and seafood which they deliver to a restaurant on the next beach.
There you can sit on a terrace overlooking the sea while dining on your choice of goodies straight off the boats, or savour some of the local delicacies such as 'Cozido à Portuguesa', 'Bife à Poruguêsa' or perhaps a 'Cataplana', washed down with a chilled bottle of Vinho Verde and a glass of local almond liqueur to finish with.
After dinner I'll go for a walk along 'my beach' again to watch the sunset before heading back to my rented villa for a good night's rest before getting up for another day's mooching, and beach combing.
If only I could find a pair of magic shoes to click together three times whilst saying 'There's no place like Albufeira'...
Today, if I could be dancing, I would be!
So, where's your 'Anywhere But Here'?