Friday, August 28, 2009

Lots of moons ago when I was just a teenager, I went on a boating holiday with my mum, dad, aunt, uncle, two cousins - both younger than me, and our two dogs.
As you might imagine I was feeling very much the 'odd one out' and although I loved being on holiday pootling along the Shropshire Union Canal in a gorgeous old narrow boat, there were a fair few times when I felt rather down and bored.
My mum noticed this and asked if there was anything that could help cheer me up, and I replied that I'd like to be left alone for an evening so that I could play my records and read without being interrupted by everyone.
And so a couple of evenings later, I got to stay alone on the boat while everyone else trundled off for a meal in the nearby village.
My mum knew I loved Babycham and had sneaked me a six pack and some cocktail cherries, and after I'd eaten I took a couple of bottles, my portable record player and copy of Pink Floyd's 'Collection of Great Dance Songs' up onto the roof of the boat.
It was a perfect summer's evening. The boat was moored on the side of a hill which we'd reached via an aqueduct, behind me was the crest of the hill, and in front of me was a miles of countryside surrounding the village of Nantwich.
On the hill were a couple of trees and a small herd of sheep, to either side the canal curved around the hill, and I felt like the only person left on earth as the sun began to set in front of me.
Pink Floyd played on, the sun glowed red and gold before leaving the sky covered with a myriad of stars vying for attention with the dots of lights from the village and surrounds.
It was an absolutely perfect moment, and whenever I feel stressed I take myself back there in my mind.

And I bet you can guess what I'm about to ask you, don't you?
Have you had an 'Absolutely Perfect Moment' in your life, and if so, what was it?
If you haven't had one, I hope you find one asap, maybe even this weekend!.
So until Monday, tootle-pips, and if anybody wants me I'll be off in my dreams somewhere.