Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Gutenmorgen meine Lieben! And willkommen to another fabulous, Double Entendre Day!

"Is it safe?" you might ask yourselves. Will playing along and slipping an enormous one to your boss lessen or improve your chances of promotion? Would proudly declaring how big yours are to the whole train carriage on your way home tonight end in being involved in an altercation at your local police station?

There's only one way of finding out, and that's to play along with me and fill my box with as much as you can stuff in it. Regular readers should know how to do that by now, but for newbies and readers with the memory capacity of a gnat, the object of the game is to study the photo for today's Caption Competition and then proceed to the comments section below and write down as many captions for the piccy as you possibly can.

Every entry wins a prize, and the person who gets me a 69, gets a goldfish, woohoo!

So, without any further preamble, here's your photo -



Over to you then.