Friday, July 03, 2009

Yesterday's comments got me thinking yet again, and also remembering a conversation I had with a most excellent friend of mine who suggested revamping the game of Cluedo.

My friend's version uses Gods and countries instead of the usual characters and rooms, which would result in murders along the lines of 'Jesus, in France, with a plague of locusts', or 'Thor, in Australia, with a fiery sword'. A most entertaining version in my opinion.

And as I already said, yesterday's comments are also somewhat inspiring for new varieties of Cluedo, such as 'Macauly Culkin, in the library, with the turkey baster'*, 'Macaulay Caulkin in the bedroom with a lead-pipe'**, and 'Miss Whiplash, in the dungeon with the nipple clamps'***
All fabulous suggestions which would surely make 'after Christmas dinner with the relatives' party gaming far more exciting than the original.

So today's question I put to you is, 'What Version of Cluedo Would You Most Like to Make?'

Simples, eh?

Over to you then.

*Thank you wild-seven.
**Thank you, Tzonar.
***Again, thank you wild-seven.