Monday, July 06, 2009

Well, it's definitely Monday.

After a weekend of no electricity, I finally manage to get some cash together so that I can see at night and power up the 'puter, only to find that I can't get any emails. For some reason I keep getting told that my password or username is wrong, despite the fact that it isn't. If anyone can tell me how to persuade the machine that I am giving it the correct information, please do so in my comments box, and if you've emailed me recently, you now know why I haven't replied.

Anyhoo, also as it's definitely Monday, it's time for the Choose-O, your options for which are -
  • Socks
  • Reverse
  • Roundabout
And before I go, here's a little quiz to brighten your day and to find out How Sane You Are!
It's good fun, and I reckon it's also fairly accurate as my result says that I am certifiable, yay!
So tell me your results which are totally secret as I won't tell anyone else except the voices in my head, akay? Oh, and tell me about your weekends as well while you're down there.
Happy Monday everyone!