Thursday, July 16, 2009

Some people say the stupidest things. A few examples that have stuck in my brain over the years are -

When a girl I knew got her first credit card and was about to go on a shopping spree. I noticed that she hadn't signed the card and she told me that she wasn't going to because if the card got stolen, then the thief wouldn't know what her signature looked like, and therefore wouldn't be able to forge it.

I was visiting London Zoo with some friends and we stopped to look at the lion enclosure. A lion was walking around and one of the blokes bent down and began staring intently at the underparts of the animal.
He'd been staring at the lion's private area for a couple of minutes before one of the girls asked him what he was doing.
Came the reply, "I want to know if it's a male or a female lion, but it's difficult to see from here"

The other day a couple of friends were visiting when once again, all the power went off. As I'm on an electricity meter and am living way below the poverty line, I'm used to being left in the dark and always have a candle switched on near me after sundown, so taking the candle I went to see if the money had run out, or if were were having a power cut.
The lack of life on the meter told me that for once, putting the emergency credit on wouldn't do anything as it was a good old fashioned power cut, so grabbing more candles and clockwork lamps, I went back to my friends and told them what was happening.
My female friend looked out of the window and commented on the lack of lights everywhere, but my male friend 'poo-poo'ed' me and said that no way could it be a power cut as he could still hear the trains running on the nearby lines.

I have many more examples of stupid things I've heard people say, but they can wait for another time, as now it's your turn, my gorgeous readers to reveal everything to me!
As always, everything to tell me will be held in the strictest confidence, I promise, so over to you, and see you in the comments box.

PS. Certain persons reading this may recognize parts of the above tales. Please to leave the cash in the usual place before 15:00 hours, or I'll fill in the names, akay?