Friday, July 10, 2009

Helloo, my lovelies! As the weekend beckons, I have decided to end the working days on a rant for a change.
More specifically, a rant about words and phrases that really piss me off annoy me.
For example; people who say 'Pacifically' instead of 'Specifically'. My response upon hearing that is to ask them if they were pertaining to an ocean, or trying to make a point?
The misuse of the word 'Ultimate' also gets my hackles up. If a drink is 'The Ultimate' then it is the last one. It does not mean that it tastes good.
If someone calls me sophisticated, I try not to take offence but on occasion I inform them that a 'Sophist' is generally one who uses rhetorical sleight-of-hand and ambiguities of language in order to deceive, or to support fallacious reasoning. The person's response is generally to stare at me as though I'd asked them for a lightly grilled stoat inna bun, but I'm used to that.
People who say things like 'The pain was like I had an elephant sitting on me' annoy me too. Have they ever had an elephant sitting on them? No? Well shut TF up then.
If I make a comment about say, how heavy the rain was earlier in the day and am met with the rejoinder 'Tell me about it', then I will, often to the confusion of the person that is caught in the middle of a meteorological report.
But right now, there is a phrase going around that is being used far too often and it's really getting on my tits nerves.
It is this - "At the end of the day"
I swear I hear it said about twenty times a day.
I went to meet a friend yesterday and stopped to talk to someone en route, and they used the expression three times in about three minutes.
If I have daytime television on as background noise and a programme such as Jeremy Kyle or Trisha comes on, then I can guarantee that every single chav or chavette will say those words at least twice. Watch the shows if you don't believe me.
Reporters on the news are also guilty. I lost count of how many times I heard them say that 'At the end of the day', Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, or a nonce, or whatever.
The ex-partner-in-crime started using the phrase until I used aversion therapy* to stop him.
I've just heard used in a weather report as well.
I think, it may be contagious.
There are many other expressions, such as 'When all's said and done', 'In the cold light of day', or 'When the fat lady's sung', so why the bloody hell is everybody using that same one?
It must be stopped, else every time I hear someone say 'At the end of the day' again, I will start screaming, and I won't stop screaming until the cows come home.

And now my cherubs, it is your turn. What phrase, expression or misuse of the English language gets your gander up? Tell me all in the knowledge that your secrets, as ever, are safe with me.
Oh, and I wish you all a wonderful weekend as well.


*I flicked him on the nose every time he said it.