Monday, July 27, 2009

Greetings my lovelies!

Once again, sorry for the delay in posting today, but after a fabulous weekend that involved going to see The Guv'nors at the Ealing Blues Festival on Saturday night and getting some very good news yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling not so fabulous.
The ex-partner-in-crime popped by to say hello and pick up some stuff, and when I told him I was feeling hot, achey(er that usual) and nauseous, he promptly diagnosed Swine Flu.
I told him not to be so daft and to call by later as I had to go see my solicitor to sign some bits.
I managed to get there without throwing up or passing out, but was still feeling really grotty and when the solicitor asked how I was doing, I explained that I wanted to get home asap as I was not so hot. Or rather I was hot. And nauseous.
My solicitor promptly diagnosed Swine Flu as well and told me she knew many people who have it nowadays.
The EPIC called me on my mobile while I was there and I told him what the solicitor had told me.
All I could hear on the phone after that was laughter so I hung up.
I am now safely back at home and am planning on staying lying down for as long as possible, but afore I sign off, I have some options for today's Choose-O being -
  • Bike
  • Oops
  • Wine
And don't fret, they're not all the same tale this time, I promise!
Choose wisely my cherubim, and tell me all about your adventures out in the big, wide world while you're down there.
Ooh, and if you've got any jokes about Swine Flu, please share!

Happy thingies, and many of them!