Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And as surely as Winter follows Spring, Double Entendre Day follows the Tuesday Choose-O'ed tale, hup-hup, huzzah!

As any regular reader with an IQ higher than that of a whelk knows, Double Entendre Day means it's time to getcha ya-yas out, let it all hang loose, shimmy down low and slip a good, hard, throbbing big'un to who ever is standing closest to you when the feeling hits ya!

But today, before we get down to the nitty-gritty, I have an extra special treat in store for ya'll, being this wot was sent to me by my good friend, Mr. de Sade, and wot made me larf like a stupid until a little bit of wee escaped* -
(clicky to embiggen)
I swear, you could make this stuff up, but when truth is stranger than fiction, why bother?!

Anyhoos, being Double Entendre Day means it's also time for this week's Caption Competition, and today's photo to get your grey matter working is -

Your reward for every entry is a delicious Blini with sour cream, and if anybody gets me up to the dizzy delights of a 69, I'll whack a dollop of caviar onto one, akay?


That's it.

Ya'll know what to do from here, so get to it.

And if you don't entertain me, I shan't get the whip out, so there!

*The medikashun may be to blame for that though.