Friday, June 12, 2009

Woohoo, 'tis Friday again!

And first of all, I say...

Happy ::
Listen ::
Rain ::
Sticky ::
Once ::
Mixed ::
Flower ::
Key ::
Hair ::
Rocky ::
Maybe ::

And you say...?

And for something completely different, re: The Empty Plinth in Trafalgar Square. What would you put there and why?
I've already said what I'd put there in yesterday's comments.
I'd put Nick Griffin up there so that everyone could have a go at throwing eggs at him. Scaryduck has kindly offfered the six-inch nails to keep him there!

But if that wasn't possible, I'd like to see a life-size model of Rubberduckzilla!

Over to you then!

ttfn, have a fabulous weekend, and don't do anything I wouldn't try, akay?