Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Anecdote for Thursday.

Some years ago when I was helping to run some pubs, one fine day found me helping out in one of them while the managers had day off.
I had to be there as they needed a licensee on the premises, but a new barmaid had started working there a couple of days previously. She was serving the customers while I found a corner of the bar in which to catch up on the paperwork for all three pubs.
The barmaid hadn't had much experience working in pubs before, and every ten minutes or so she'd ask me where something was or for me to change a barrel.
It had been very quiet for about half an hour when a couple of women came in for drinks.
The first ordered a gin and tonic, and the second asked for a St. Clements.
The barmaid looked baffled and came over to me and asked what on earth a St. Clements was, so I told her it was a mix of orange juice and bitter lemon.
Still looking confused she went back to the bar and got the G&T sorted and found a small bottle of orange juice.
She then called over to me asking again what was in the St. Clements.
Once again I told her it was orange juice and bitter lemon.
Still looking incredibly confused, she asked "How much lemon?"
After the women and I finally managed to stop laughing I showed her the bottles of bitter lemon.
Honestly, I couldn't make it up.