Monday, June 22, 2009

And back to earth once again after one of the busiest weekends I've had in a very long time!

Friday, my friend arrived, and I showed him around the sights of Hanwell and Ealing before getting a fairly early night in anticipation of the next day.
So, Saturday we first of all head off to Hanwell Carnival to check out the stalls for bargains and most importantly watch The Guv'nors whilst supping a couple of beers in the sunshine. The timing couldn't have been better as it didn't start to rain until just after the band finished and were packing their kit away.
Then we were met by the ex-partner-in-crime and strolled down to a lovely local pub by the name of The Fox, where we rested our paws in readiness for the walk home.
Once back chez moi, we grabbed a bite to eat and I packed up the last few bits and bobs that I thought might come in useful before we headed off towards the A303 and Stonehenge.
Six hours later, at 03:00 hours,we arrived. We were lucky, we only hit a three mile tailback. Earlier during the day the tailback was eight miles long.
So we left the car parked and set off along the route to the Henge which was lit by 'ambient lighting' and chock full of nutters and looney tunes who had been celebrating for what must have been a very long time.
After just over a mile, I noticed that the crowds were getting more crowded and peering up above them I saw the stones.
They were looming happily against the blue of the night sky and every few seconds the flash of a camera lit them up like a little lightning flash.
We wended our way through the throng until we found a space to settle down in and waited for the sun to come up.
The atmosphere was fab, but sadly the clouds didn't want to miss the sunrise either and so the main event itself was a bit of a washout, but still, I wouldn't have missed it and I definitely recommend any other people that have thought they might like to go along, to do so!
On the way back I was rather worried for a while as I found a collie dog tied to a fence by a jumper. Said dog was looking so very forlorn that I went over and asked if they were alright. The dog put on his best 'sad eyes' and raised a paw to my arm and held me as if to say 'Please don't leave me!'
Another couple had been keeping an eye on the dog and so I sadly left the dog, but then remembered the RSPCA vans that I'd seen on the way in, so I scampered over and told a chap about the dog.
To my relief he said 'Oh yes, that's Fred. Don't worry, we know all about him - did he do the 'paw on the arm and the sad eyes' routine on you?
Yep. I'd been conned by a dog into giving out cuddles, bless his little paws.
And then, after another mile long hike back to the car, we went back to my place where we both adjourned to respective bed and sofa to crash for a good while in true 'post festival stylee'.
I haven't spent so long awake since I got lost in Belgium, but this time it was far, far more fun!

And that was my weekend! Don't forget to tell me all about yours while you're in my comments box, and while you're down there, your Choose-O choices for tomorrow's entertainment are

  • Socks
  • Cuts
Happy Monday everybody! If anybody wants me, I'll be catching up on some spleep.

Additional, 19:15 hours If anybody wants to see the clickage I took at Stonehenge, they can do so by clicking the piccy below
Stonehenge, Summer Solstice, 2009 - I survived!
or by following this link to the set.