Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Akay ma li'l sex-bombs, it's Wednesday here in this li'l o'l corner of the intermanet, which also means that it's Double Entendre Day!
Yep, it's that time of the week wherein it's perfectly acceptable to getchaselves all excited and grab any opportunity ya can to slip as many big'uns as you can to your boss/co-worker/lover/relative/member of parliament!
This week I really want you to give me all you can - I need my box stuffed until it overflows, and I'm simply gagging for another 69!

All of you should know what to do by now, but in case there are any new readers lurking that have not a clue as to WTF is going on, (and also any older readers that have the attention span of a fruit fly on crack cocaine) I am going to show you a picture.
Your job, is to study said picture, and to come up with as many scintillating, witty, erudite, and above all smutty captions as you possibly can.

In return for your endeavours, you will receive a Screaming Orgasm for every comment left down below, and should you be the person that gets me to succumb to another delicious 69, you will get a bonus of Sex on the Beach!
Can I say fairer than that?
I didn't think so, so without further preamble, your photo for today's Caption Competition is -

And if that doesn't getcha juices flowing, nothing will!


Over to you then.

Let the stuffing of my box commence forthwith!