Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What ho, my shnuggly darlings, tis another fine Double Entendre Day!

And as this Wodenstag draws clear and bright, I draw your attention to the photo for today's Caption Competition, which is -

Make of it what you will. All I ask is that you give me all you've got and proceed to stuff my box with gusto*, and hopefully as the end of Hump Day draws near, to give me the satisfaction of a glorious 69!

Your reward for your endeavours? A delicious slice of apple pie for every entry, and if you give me a 69 I'll make it à la mode and add a cherry on top as well.

And as I'm feeling very sorry for neglecting you all so much recently, here's another treat. It's sexy, sensual, and very refreshing...

(clicky on piccy for banned advert goodness!)

*Like Pesto, but not. Maybe.