Friday, May 15, 2009

Weekend time again, rah! And in a few hours time I'll be off to hit people with Mr Pointy again, double rah!

But afore I go, I have yet another 'game' for you to get the old grey matter going.
It is this.
Think up as many 'Songs for Stalkers' as you possibly can, for example -

'Every breath you take' - The Police
'One way or another' - Blondie
'I'll be there' - Michael Jackson
'I just called to say I see you' - Lionel Ritchie'
'Lurking in the moonlight' - Thin Lizzy
'In the midnight hour' - Bryan ferry
Jealous Guy' - John Lennon'
And last but not least the classic, 'You'll never walk alone'.

So, as per usual, I know you can do far better, so over to you and have a fabulous weekend y'all!