Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday once more, and after the fun* of last week's 'Which Super Villain Are You?' quiz, I decided to trawl the web for another variety of quiz.

I wanted to find something different from the usual 'What Sort of Animal Are You?' or 'Are You Sporty or Not?', and I rather think I've found it.

It is this -

What would your body taste like to a cannibal?
What would you taste like to a cannibal?

Just FYI, there is no law against cannibalism in the UK. As long as a person dies of natural causes and you are a relation/legal guardian of the body, you can, if you so desire, cook them up in a tasty casserole, grill a few of the ribs, fry up a rump steak, or just munch on whatever body part takes your fancy.

Isn't that good to know in these Credit Crunch times, eh?

*Definition of 'fun' may vary from reader to reader, and contents are liable to settle during transit.