Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So, one week to go before the Big Day!

Yes, next Tuesday I will have been blogging for five whole years, so naturally there will be a party here.
As this blog will be five, there will be plenty of jelly and ice cream, cake, and fizzy pop, all simply loaded with E numbers, yay!
Entertainment will also be provided with plenty of party games, quizzes, and of course a little competition for which there will be a proper, tangible prize, hurrah!
Oh, and it's going to be strictly fancy dress, so please start planning what to wear!
So please RSVP and make sure you put the date in your diary, akay?

In the meantime, apologies for the lack of Choose-O yesterday, but I had a bit of an accident and instead I have decided that today, you can all tell me about your Bonk Holiday Weekends in Haiku form.
This is mine -

Very bad trip.
Foot caught pavement, nearly fell.
Very bad neck pain now.

Over to you then, and if anybody wants me, I'll be lying down trying to be as still as possible.

Additional, 16:31 hours. I've decided to show everyone my boobees over on Flickr. Hope you like them.