Friday, May 01, 2009

So, Friday yet again, and today I have sorted a few things to hopefully keep you amused.

First up (seeing as I haven't doned one in a while) is a Spot the Difference Competition, your pictures for which are -

Very tricky I know, but have a bash anyway.

Next up are a selection of games. For those of you who love nothing better than to browse around shops for hours on end but can't afford it nowadays, Happy Shopper is the game for you!
If you prefer something rather more exciting, then Ice Breaker, Red Cross Emergency Response Unit, or School Wars are probably more your thing, but if you can't stand that heat, try a different sort and get into the kitchen with Muffin Madness, or Grill The Meat 2.

Almost last is another round of 'I Say, You Say', so I say -

Spaghetti ::
Trees ::
Blood ::
Dizzy ::
Match ::
Wolf ::
May ::
Colour ::
Star ::
Picture ::
Rain ::
Maybe ::

and then you say your bits in the comments box.

And finally, a bit of total silliness wot I stumbled upon on teh intermanet, Torchwool!

And for now, that's all folks!
Hope you all have a wonderful, happy weekend, and remember to do anything I wouldn't do, akay?

*Or not. I like them anyway.