Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've just realized something.
In one week and four days time, I will have been blogging for five years!
Yep, on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009, 'Momentary lapses of insanity...' will be five years old, yet it seems like only yesterday a then-friend said 'Ere, you should start a blog!'.
And so I signed up to Blogger, chose a name for the blog, picked a theme and started writing, and this is what I wrote on that first entry all those years ago -

"I've decided to start a blog.
The idea came to me after I got bitten on the leg by a particularly viscous insect which caused my ankle to swell up, leaving me unable to walk and also, stuck by my 'puter for nearly a week...
After spending many, many hours online doing personality tests, I discovered I was (amongst other things) an Outcast Angel, a Tomboy, a Considerate Vampire, if i was a Dog I'd be an Alsatian, my 'Sex in the City' character is Carrie, my 'Buffy' character is Druscilla, my 'Sci-Fi character is Aragorn, I'm a Loner who's in love, and apparently I'm going to marry Brad Pitt...
Thinking about it, maybe I should get out more now that I can walk again."

Blogging-wise, nothing's changed much over the last five years then, except I haven't been bitten by any 'viscous' insects recently and my ankle hasn't swelled up in a while, but still, I really should get out more.

Anyway, onto a week next Tuesday.
Naturally I will be holding a party (any excuse eh?) and I think a themed one will go down well, so if anyone has any suggestions as to what theme we can go for, shove them in the usual place please!
Or, we could nick an idea from 'Deal or No Deal' and have a party that lasts the whole week! Reckon any of you have the stamina for a seven day party, eh?
I'm sure you can if you try, so suggestions for party games and activities will also be mucho welcome.

Seriously, I can't believe it's been five years. One thousand, five hundred and twenty five days.
So much has happened since then too. I've become an 'Auntie' to three gorgeous children, lost loved ones and friends, made many new friends, the Then-partner-in-crime became the Ex-partner-in-crime, I took up photography properly and have done my first wedding-gig, learnt how to fix computers, looked after Scary's blog for a while, Buffy ended, London got bombed, we got the Olympic bid, and the government is still heading to Hell in a handbasket.
And so much more too...

So, your turn. What's been the major change (or changes) in your lives over the last five years then? Tell me all, you know your secrets are safe with me.