Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hurooh, hooray, it's Humpday again!

And on this particular Double Entendre Day I can bring you breaking news regarding the hilarious sad tidings about the imminent divorce between Peter Andre and Katie Price.

The reason for their split is the Pope.

He spent last week in Jordan.

Moving swiftly on, regulars here will know what's coming next, but for those of you that are new or have the attention span of a Red Setter, I will explain.
Below this bit of text I have posted a picture.
What you have to do is to think up as many witty, erudite, and smutty in the Double Entendre style, then shove all you can possibly fit into my box.
In return you will receive a lovely, juicy Jelly Tot for each entry, and if one of you manages to get me to a 69 they will get a lovely, juicy Jello Shot!
Got the idea?
If yes then 'excellent and off you go', but if not, please to scroll back up to the beginning of this paragraph and continue to read it until you understand.
Failing that, please ask a friend/colleague/relative/member of the clergy to explain it to you until you comprehend.
And so, your photo for this week's Caption Competition is -


Your turn.

See you down there then...