Friday, May 29, 2009

Before I get onto anything else, here's another reminder that in four days time, next Tuesday the Second of June, it will be Party Time here as this 'ere blog, 'Momentary lapses of insanity...' will be five years old, woohoo!
Yep, very nearly five whole years ago a then friend* said 'Hey, I've started a blog, so should you!'
And so I signed up, chose a name for it and began writing.
And nearly one thousand, eight hundred and twenty five days later, I'm still here and writing.
Bloody hell...I didn't think I'd last a year, and I wouldn't have doned without you lot.
So, that's why next Tuesday I'm holding a Virtual Party here, and you're all invited, rah!

But anyway, that's next week and in the meantime I have something for you to all please put your thinking hats on for and try help me answer something that's been perplexing me.
Yesterday I had gone to meet the Ex-partner-in-crime at the local pub and we'd both gone outside to be anti-social** when I noticed a woman walking towards me wearing a T-Shirt emblazoned with the slogan -


Being curious, I asked her what the RND stood for, and with a shrug she replied 'I no know!'.
I said something like 'Oh well' and off she went, but ever since I've been wondering WTF RND stands for?
I asked the EPIC what he thought it could be and he came up with -

'Rather Naughty Dalmatians'
'Risky Nodding Dogs' and
'Really Nasty Dinosaurs'

A lady who works in the next door bookies also overheard, and she reckoned RND might stand for -

'Rotting Newts Droppings'
'Really Nasty Doings' or
'Rather Naughty Dormice'

After much a bit of consideration, my suggestions are -

'Really Nasty Diplodicus'
'Rear Numbing Dodgems'
'Rabbits Needing Daffodils' and
'Really Nice Drugs'

and there were some others but I can't remember right now.

And by now I'm sure you can guess what I'm going to ask you next, can't you?


What, in your opinion, does it stand for?

And if that doesn't tickle your fancy, you can take another quiz and find out 'How Evil You Are' by clicking here.
My results are -

But I'm sure they can't be right, because as everybody knows, I'm a sweet, fluffy girly-girl who'd never even think of doing harm to anybody.

And finally, to ease you all into the weekend, here is a little bit of of a musical interlude, performed for your enjoyment by the most excellent Bill Bailey.

(Clicky on piccy for full on viewy pleasure!)
Oh, and also this, which makes me Roffle like a loony every time I listen to it.

TTFN, have as fab a weekend as you possibly can, and may the deity of your choice accompany you.

*Was I thought a 'best friend' but turned out they didn't want to know me when I was depressed and said they would talk to me when the 'Happy Misty' came back. But if they're reading this, I would very much like to say 'Thank You!' because if it hadn't been for them, I'd never have made so many wonderful friends like all you fabulous, darling, shnuggly and above all supportive lot what keep coming back here and being excellent!
**We were not having a cigarette, we were shouting and swearing at passers-by.