Monday, April 20, 2009

Well, Monday again which means Choose-O day, but before I get onto that I have something else I would like to ask you lot.

Yesterday while sniffing through Flickr, I happened to find a photo of some one's ear and I jumped up and down with excitement.
No, I do not have a strange ear fetish, just this ear had something on it that I have one of and no-one else I've ever met has, being a little lump that I was born with.

Kaptain Kobold has one exactly the same that he was born with as well, and he's never met (or heard of) anyone with one either. See below -
Not alone... (clicky for biggerness)
So my question for you today is 'Have you got one, or do you know anyone that has?'
Answers (as well as your Choose-O choices) in the usual comments box, SVP.

Oh, and your Choose-O choices are -

  • The Accused
  • Shed
  • Camp

Over to you, and don't forget to fill me in on life outside the 2D world while you're down there.