Friday, April 10, 2009

Apologies again my sweeties, but I've been having all sorts of problems with the 'puter, and being out and about and so.
Anyway, I am alive, just, and am now looking forward to a weekend of flopping about doing as little as possible and trying hard to ignore the festival that the Christians nicked from the Pagans and will instead be simply enjoying the Springtime and all it brings with it, such as daffodils, rain, and chocolate.
I hope you're all going to be having a fun time this Bonk Holiday and have plans to eat as much as possible on the sacred Chocolate Sunday that will soon be upon us.
I will leave you once again with something I wroted ages ago, but still serves as a warning that should not be ignored in these perilous times.
Please take head.

Welcome again to Misty's Nature Corner. Today, we shall be looking into the life and habits of a rare, and terrifying wild beast, the Pascha Cuniculus, commonly known as The Easter Bunny.

This elusive creature is thought to mainly inhabit wildlands, called Shopping Centres, and survives mainly on humans, who are either to weak or tired to defend themselves, and have managed to stray from their packs, known as 'Shoppers'.
Pascha Cuniculus, was thought in the past to only show itself for a couple of weeks per year, maximum, when the season was right for it to blend in with Easter Foliage and so, which it would use as camouflage whilst lying in wait for its prey. But now, due to climate change and global warming, the Easter season has been known to start as early as January, with the first signs, such as Creme Eggs, sprouting on shelves at the beginning of the month.
Occasionally, Pascha Cuniculus will adorn itself with a variety of bows, and carry a small basket laden with chocolate droppings, in order to tempt the unwary into its trap.
If you should spot one of these savage beasts, your best defence is to either run as fast as you can away from it, (check you have a clear escape route first) or to lie flat on the ground covering as much of your face as possible, as this might convince the bunny that you are already dead, and therefore not as much fun to attack.
Signs that an Easter Bunny is around, include small scraps of tin foil scattered around pellets of dropping that smell of chocolate, blood splatters on the floor and walls of shopping malls, and bare bones with large pointy teeth marks gouged into them strewn around the locale.

You have been warned.