Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And so once again, the main event of the week is upon us, yay!

Yep, tis Wednesday, also known as 'Hump Day' and even better to those in the know as 'Double Entendre Day' which means that it is perfectly acceptable to tell your boss to give you something large and satisfying*, or to inform your other half that you want them to 'Give it to you hot, juicy and slow'**, or hie thee to your local drinking establishment and ask the bartender to give you a 'Slow, Comfortable Screw Against the Wall', while you suck on a 'Slippery Nipple' with not the slightest hint of shame or embarrassment.

And so on and so forth; you get the general idea.

Anyhoo, the other highlight of Double Entendre Day, is the renowned Caption Competition, wherein I show you a photo and you darlings put your thinking caps on and come up with dozens upon dozens of witty and erudite comments to accompany said photo, bearing in mind the nuances of the Double Entendre.

With any luck, you will all be so overcome with passion that you can not withhold your emotions and proceed to stuff my box to near capacity, giving me a delicious 69 in the duration.


And so, as I can not contain my excitement a moment longer, your photo for today's lust filled frenzy Caption Competition is one that was snapped by my own fair paw and is -
(Clicky for biggerness)
So, please to set about giving me a jolly good stuffing.
There's a delicious, juicy cherry going for every comment left, and should I get me a 69 the one who gets me there will recieve an extra squirt of cream to top it.

What else can I say except,




*Like a pay rise.