Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And so Chocolate Sunday is over and doned with for another year, and we can get back to the ordinary, mundane thing that is called life sans Bonk Holidays for a while again.

I didn't really do much over the long weekend, mainly because 'Easter' is not the best time of year for me, but also because I was doing a lot of thinking, and because of the thinking I started talking to people, and because of the talking, one of my long term plans looks like it's coming to fruition, yay!
I don't really want to say what I'm up to just yet, but please send as many positive thoughts my way if you get a chance, akay?

Anyhoo, back to the bloggy side of things, as yesterday was a bonk holiday we have missed the usual Monday Choose-O, so today I would like you to do a bit of intermanet searching and find me the perfect photo for tomorrow's Double Entendre Day, Caption Competition!
I know you will all do me proud and give me enough pix to keep me going for ages, but please don't forget to tell me all about your extra long weekends and life in general while you're down there in my comments box.

So that's about it for today, apart from a cartoon I was sent that I really like and wot made me roffle, being this -

Thanks C'riz! That's about the best bit of today's post! I know I've been not quite 'with it' recently, and I don't like not really having anything lined up to entertain you with right now, but I do have some fab ideas for the near future so plz to standby!

Oooh, or, you could go have a look at my photos if you haven't done so recently. Taking piccies is one of the few things that keeps me sane, and you might find my Flickr site rather more exciting than here right now.
Then again, maybe I should be trying to get to spleep rather than trying to be witty and erudite at 04:19 hours...

Over to you my cherubim, I've missed you over the long weekend, so tell me everything you've been up to, alright?