Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yesterday I went to my local supermarket to hunt down something for dinner.
I found what I was after and joined one of the three equally long queues for the checkout.
After what felt like an hour, it was at last my turn next to pay for my purchases and I stood clutching my shopping bag ready to throw my groceries in whilst the couple in front of me faffed about trying to work out how to type their pin number into the card machine and pack all their stuff back into the trolley as slowly as possible.
While I stood there biting my tongue to stop me from yelling at the couple to hurry up, the cashier turned to me and indicating to the cardboard box full of groceries next to me on the conveyor belt, told me to unpack it.
I looked at the box, looked back at the cashier and told him that no, I would not unpack it.
He told me that I had to unpack it as it was store policy that all items on the conveyor belt had to be loose and not in a box, pointed to the tiny sign at the far end of the tills, and again told me to unpack the box.
Again I told him that no, I would not unpack the box and asked him as to why I should do so.
He was beginning to look rather angry by this time and once more he explained that it was shop policy that all items on the conveyor belt had to be loose and not in a box before paying for goods as it made his job more difficult and slowed down the other customers waiting in the queue as well, and now would I unpack the box?
Again, I said no, why should I unpack it?
By this time he was getting very angry and I thought he was going to call the manager over which would have been fine by me if had done so.
Instead he yet again explained why the box had to be unpacked, and at last said the magic word, 'Please'.
Please would I unpack the box.
This time I replied that no, I was not going to unpack the box, and could see no good reason as to why I had to unpack it...

because it was not my box, it belonged to the couple of men behind me.
My shopping consisted of the five items in front of the box that were separated from the box by the yellow plastic 'toblerone' in front of it.
I do so enjoy hearing men grovelling apologies.
Really makes my day.