Friday, March 06, 2009

Wotcha groovers, and first of all apologies for yesterday's lack of posting.
I was awake, I stayed in most of the day, There was enough electricity on the meter to power up the 'puter, I went through my little book of 'notes for interesting things to blog about', and I almost thought about purchasing some 'interesting' drugs in the hope that something might give me a ray of inspiration so that I might write something to entertain you all, but alas; it was not to be...

But I have thought of something for today, and it's a game I haven't played with you lot for ages and ages and ages, being 'I say, You say!'.
If you haven't played it before, all you have to do is read through the words I've listed below, and then in the comments box simply write down the first words that you reckon should follow on from them. It's the same as playing 'Word association', but this way everyone can figure out just how weird you really are we can all share and have a laugh at what springs to mind.

So go on, play along, and I promise I won't tell anyone else what you've written, akay?*
And so, your words to trigger you off are -

Blue :

Have a fab weekend everyone, and please do try anything that I might have forgotten to do!

Oh, and the Kitten for the Weekend is -

Enjoy! X

*Contains no trace of lie whatsoever, but only because I'm not allowed to talk to the 3 dimensional people anymore.