Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It's that time of the week again.

Oh yeah, Double Entendre Day; the time of the week when it's perfectly acceptable to slip a big'un to a co-worker/relative/member of the Conservative party.

And of course this is the best place to unleash your inner demon; the time to let loose and tell the world how you really feel about the world around you, and with that sentiment in mind I now present you with the photo for this week's Caption Competition, being -

Regular followers of this blog know what to do, but for new readers, the idea is to study the picture above and to add captions, comments, and innuendos in the comments box below.

There is a nice, clean wet-wipe available for every comment left, and a sprinkling of talcum powder available going should I get me that ever elusive 69.

So without further ado, tag! You're it!