Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I have amazing news to impart!

Earlier today I got a call from a theatrical agent I'd recently signed up with who told me I'd been offered the lead role in a film co-starring with Alan Rickman! When I heard I dashed to the off licence to get a bottle of bubbly, and while I was paying I found the ticket I bought for last Saturday's lotto, asked them if they could check it and found I'd won the £7,000,000 roll-over prize!

Oh yeah, and Sebastian Chebal has been emailing swearing undying love for me as well.

Yep, it's April Fool's Day again, woohoo. I was thinking about setting up some fabulously funny prank to play on someone, but when you live alone and are signed off work, you don't get to meet that many people that you can have such fun with.
I wondered about rigging up a trap outside the front door to surprize the postman, but decided against it as they occasionally bring nice things and I don't want the hassle of yet another trip to the police station to explain myself.

I have played some fun jokes in the past.

My favourite was when I was on an IT course some years ago and went in extra early to get all the puters online with Windows RG running on them in full screen mode.
That was fun to watch.
Another was when I was helping to run that pub near Reading by mistake and put 'Red Herring' up on the menu. Surprisingly, about a dozen customers ordered it and were gobsmacked when they got a plate of salad instead.
But I haven't played any for ages.

I have found a site that lists many of the greatest April Fool's jokes of all time, such as the Spaghetti harvest, Decimal Time, and one of my favourites, the flying penguins, and I'm sure if I had access to all the toys and so that make setting up pranks like that possible, I'd come up with something pretty damn good, but all I have is my ancient puter, camera and a load of playmobile.

And so my little bunnywabbits, I turn to you for inspiration. What's the best ever April Fool's Day prank you've managed to pull off? Maybe you're planning on doing one today, or have you fallen foul at the hands of another prankster?
Tell me all about it in the comments box as usual, and while you're down there, don't forget to think up a witticism for today's Caption Competition, the photo for which is -

£5 for every entry, and an extra bottle of champagne going for the person who gets me to a 69!
So what are you waiting for?
Get stuffing my box tout suite!