Monday, March 23, 2009

Helloo my sugarlumps! I'm back from my adventures in one piece, albeit one very achy and rather bruised piece, but I had a fantastic weekend of catching up with good friends, hitting people with Mr Pointy, all followed by an extremely tasty banquet on the Saturday night.
I'm sure the bit where I made a circuit of the hall on a space hopper was just a bad dream induced by too much cheese though.
Yesterday was mostly spent sitting outside a gorgeous pub in a small village and happily making friends with the local dogs, none of whom minded being patted for a while, and the clothes I was wearing are now covered in mud and dog fur.
For the first time in a very long while I didn't want to come back to Londinium, but here I am, and I'm ready for the week ahead and will start off here in the blogosphere with the usual Monday Choose-O.
Your options today are -

  • The Accused
  • Pin Down
  • Fight Interrupted

Please remember what I said last time about the title possibly being not quite what you think it may mean and to choose wisely, but I'm sure you will do so anyway.
Oh and please don't forget to tell me all about your adventures over the last couple of days! I do like to find out how you're all doing, and it might also take my mind off the bruising on my stomach caused by some very hard hits with a spear tip wielded by the enemy.
Mind you, you should have seen the other guys.
Today, I am mostly feeling rather sore...
I do have more (and rather more interesting) photos to upload by the way. I didn't just take piccies of my bruises, honest.
And it is good to be back here though, and I did miss you all. I could live quite happily in a simple little cottage miles from anywhere as long as I had internet access at all times so I can find out how you're all doing.
I'm starting to waffle now and as I haven't had much spleep over the last couple of days, the walls are starting to move.
So I shall sign off for now and leave you to fill up my box with all your commenty goodness.