Monday, March 09, 2009

Greetings my cherubs! Monday again, and I simply can't believe how quickly the weekends go by these days. I suppose it's simply because time passes so much more quickly as the years go by which is not fair at all!
I mean, when you're little, time passes very slowly which is why it takes so long for holidays and fun things to come round and also how you can fit an entire week's worth of adventures into two days before it's time to go to school again come Monday*, and I feel that this is unfair to 'grown ups'.
And I have an idea as to how to make life fairer for those folk over the age of thirty.
All the government have to do, is to let those aged over the big 'three oh', an extra hour off work or whatever per year, so that by the time a person gets to the age of fifty four, they will have earned themselves a whole day off so in theory, Mondays will simply become an extension of the weekend for them.
I reckon this will be a winner; Gordon Brown, please take note!

Anyhoo, as it's still a Monday for me right now, it means that it is time for you all to put your thinking hats on and decide which tale you would like for tomorrow's entertainment.
And so your Choose-Oh Choices are -

  • The Accused
  • Pin Down
  • Blood.

Please choose wisely, and don't forget to let me know how your not-yet-extended weekends were for you while you're down there.
Have a fabulous Monday y'all, and I shall sign off for now with a piccy of a kitten to get the week going happily.

Enjoy! and ttfn,


*I never managed t0 find time to get my homework done th0ugh, which was very odd.