Monday, March 30, 2009

And so another week begins.

Apart from seeing some friends yesterday and the occasional womble to the shops, all I've done the last couple of days is mostly spleep.
Which is not just nice, but wonderful seeing as most nights I managed to get a couple of hours max.
It's also meant I've had some very interesting dreams too.
One of the best was where I met Jeremy Clarkson and told him it was about time they had a female test some of the cars on Top Gear, and next I knew I'd got the job!
The dream got even more fun when I found out I had to share a dressing room with Richard Hammond, oh yes.
The dream when I was being chased through a deserted housing estate by something very big and angry was not so much fun, and has also left me worried as I've read that dreams are your unconsciousness's way of sorting out any problems you have in reality.
What the feck do those dreams say about my psyche, eh?

Anyhoo, before I go find a copy of Freud's Interpretation of Dreams, your choices for the Monday Choose-O are -

  • The Accused
  • Fight Interrupted
  • Shop

And while you're leaving your vote, why not tell me about any interesting dreams you might have had recently? Your secrets, as ever, are safe with me.