Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Woohoo, yet another Double Entendre Day, and what better way to keep warm during this snowy spell than giving it all you've got and filling my box to capacity, eh?

I mean seriously, the UK gets hit by about four inches of snow and the whole country grinds to a halt. How pathetic is that? Now c'mon, a few years ago terrorists tried to bring London to it's knees with a load of bombs, but very shortly after, there were all the Londoners, united in that old war-time spirit getting along as if nothing had happened and saying 'Up yours, ya bastards' whilst sticking two fingers up at the bombers.
Christ onna bike, if Al-Qaeda get hold of a snow machine, we're all doomed.

Anyway I digress. It's time for this week's Caption Competition so without any further ado, your photo for today is -

There's a choccy digestive going for every entry and a mug of hot chocolate available should I get me a 69.

So, get in there!