Monday, February 02, 2009

Q. What's white, fluffy and brings the south of England to a standstill?

A. Polar bear with a nuclear warhead.

And if you can't get one of those, two inches of snow will also do the trick. Gods alone know why. Every year it's the same; panic, confusion, and severe lack of public transport.
But best of all, I get to go outside and make snow bunnies and take loads of clickage, rah!
So if you'll excuse me, I'm now going to dig out my thermals and grab my camera which is set to shiny, but while I'm off playing, please to choose your entertainment for tomorrow.
Your Choose-O choices are -

The Accused
Skirting the issue

I'm going out now. I may be sometime...
Last night it started to snoo!
BTW, how were your weekends?

Additional, 18:57 hours. My Snoobunny!
My Snoobunny!Isn't he cute?